This expansion is an across the board answer for all your discount procedure and replaces a default procedure which doesn’t furnish any choice to all the more likely speak with the client and handle discount demands.

We just accompanied a one of a kind and extreme arrangement which would make entire discount process smooth and straightforward, which would inevitably spare your client at each conceivable point.

Discount and trade framework enable clients to submit item discount ask for or trade demand for WooCommerce RMA. The entire procedure goes under a committed mailing framework which would keep the two gatherings on a similar note and at my place of time storekeeper and the purchaser can make modifications in like manner.

Custom Order Status for WooCommerce Refund

Numerous request status is made for discount and trade process as discount mentioned, discount endorsed, discount dropped, trade mentioned, trade affirm, trade dropped. As discount and trade process run request status is changed.

At the point when a client sends a discount demand for a request item at that point request status become Refund Requested, when an item discount demand is endorsed then request status become discount affirmed and when item discount demand is dropped then request status become discount dropped.

At the point when a client sends a trade demand for a request, item at that point request status become an Exchange Requested when an item trade demand is affirmed, at that point request status become Exchange endorsed and when the item trade demand is dropped then request status become a trade dropped.


Discount and trade include is accessible up to a specific number of days when the request is finished. At the point when the request status is finished then the client can ready to send discount and trade demand. On the off chance that any of one solicitation is all the while, at that point another solicitation can’t be sent. It implies the two discounts, just as trade demand for a request isn’t put in at the same time for a request.


The client can submit item discount demand for a request item. At the point when a discount demand is acknowledged then woocommerce discount highlight is utilized for discount process. The client can send numerous discount demand up to the accessible days and if any solicitation is as of now handled. It implies the client can send discount demand for request item on various occasions even any of past discount demand is handled.


The client can present numerous item trade demand for a request item and another request is created for traded item and on the off chance that trade sum surpasses the chose item sum, at that point woocommerce defaults installment strategy is utilized for installment of extra amounts.The client can send different trade demand up to the accessible days and if any solicitation is as of now handled. It implies the client can send trade demand for request item on various occasions even any of past return demand is prepared.

Tax Handling

The trader can discount sum included with Tax. On the off chance that Include Tax setting is empowered, at that point the client can discount or trade item with charge included item cost. In the event that Merchant impairs Include Tax setting, at that point charge cost isn’t determined in a discount just as trade. Incorporate charge setting is discrete from both discount and trade process for WooCommerce Product RMA.

Auto Accept Refund Request

On the off chance that a trader needs to auto acknowledge the discount demand, at that point empower the auto to acknowledge discount demand setting and when the client presents any item discount demand then the solicitation is consequently endorsed and shipper get a warning email with respect to that discount demand i.e A discount demand is affirmed you need to discount sum for that request discount demand.

Refund/Exchange for Guest User

Return and trade solicitation can be put together by both Guest just as Registered User. There is a page made with name Refund/Exchange Request on expansion initiation, where the visitor client enters their request id and email and continues with discount/trade demand.

Handling Fee

The vendor can include dealing with charge for the two discounts just as trade request.This expense might be traded charge, Shipping expense and so forth as per administrator.

Minimum Order Amount

The request all out must be more prominent or equivalent to least request sum set on the backend for empowering the two highlights. The base request sum is set for both discount and trade demand setting.

Sale Item

There is a component to keep Sale Items from the discount and trade demand If this element is empowered then Customer can’t send the discount or trade demand available to be purchased Items. Deal Item setting is characterized discount and trade demand independently for WooCommerce Product RMA.

Email Notification

The merchant can also customize user notification email from the backend.

Notification Include :

  • Refund Request Send Notification.
  • Refund Request Received Notification.
  • Refund Request Approve Notification.
  • Refund Request Cancel Notification.
  • Exchange Request Send Notification.
  • Exchange Request Received Notification.
  • Exchange Request Approve Notification.
  • Exchange Request Cancel Notification.

Product Disable

The merchant can prevent any product from refund and exchange request. There is an option in Advanced section on product detail page to disable refund and exchange for a product.

Category Disable

The merchant can prevent any specifics category products from refund as well as exchange request.

Multiple Request handling

The merchant can enable/disable multiple refund or exhange request for an order. If merchant disables Multiple Request handling then one request either refund or exchange request is processed for an order.

Manage Stock

The merchant can manage the stock of refunded and exchanged request product when request accepted. If the setting is enabled then exchanged or refund product quantity is added to product stock.

Manage Request for Order Status

The merchant can select the order status to which Customer can send refundDashboardProfilePortfolioFollowers 53Following 8SettingsHidden ItemsDownloadsReviewsRefundsPayoutsEarningsStatements and exchange request.

Custom CSS

The merchant can do custom CSS for refund and exchange request form if required.

Customer Wallet

The merchant can enable this feature to save the refund amount into customer wallet, except to refund the amount.

Wallet Payment

Add a payment gateway for Customer to make payment through their wallet.

Manage Customer Wallet

Manage the Customer Wallet from the Customer edit page.

Shortcode for Customer Wallet

Add a Shortcode to display the Customer Wallet on any page.

Regenerate Wallet Code

Add a Coupon Regenerator for allowing the customer to change Wallet Coupon Code.

Cancel Order

Add Cancel Order Feature for the customers.

Catalog Settings

Catalog settings work in first priority here merchant can select products and set maximum refund and exchange days of catalog products.

Refund Policy

Merchant can enable this feature for set the refund policy from two way in this WooCommerce refund Plugin

  • Price based policy
  • Time based policy

Enable Exchange Request With Same Product or its Variations

Now you can exchange your ordered product with the same product and it’s variations only.

Custom Email Template for WooCommerce refund plugin

Now you can also send a custom email template for refund and exchange request.

Key features of WooCommerce refund PDashboardProfilePortfolioFollowers 53Following 8SettingsHidden ItemsDownloadsReviewsRefundsPayoutsEarningsStatementslugin

  • Vendor can empower/debilitate discount demand include.
  • The client can restore the result of a request after conveyance.
  • The client can present different item discount demand with reason.
  • Return highlight is empowered for a chose number of days from request conveyed.
  • The vendor can impair discount highlight available to be purchased things.
  • The trader can bar shipping cost for discount item.
  • The trader can counteract chosen classification item from the discount.
  • Trader can empower/incapacitate Exchange demand highlight.
  • The client can present various item Exchange demand with reason.
  • Trade include is empowered for a chose number of days from request conveyed.
  • The shipper can Customize discount and trade email content.
  • Dealer and administrator both advise with email for all occasion.
  • The client can pay for an additional sum in the trade procedure.
  • Vendor can empower/handicap different discount trade demand.
  • Set least number of the day for Auto acknowledge discount demand.
  • The dealer can set email content Header and Footer.
  • The dealer can Manage discounted and trade mentioned an item.
  • The dealer can empower discount and trade demand for chosen request status.
  • The vendor can do custom CSS for discount and trade demand structure whenever required.
  • The trader can empower that discount sum is added to client wallet.
  • Include an installment portal for Customer to make installment through their wallet.
  • Add a Setting to oversee Customer Wallet from the Customer alter page.
  • Add a Shortcode to show the Customer Wallet on any page.
  • Include a Coupon Regenerator for enabling the client to change Wallet Coupon Code.
  • Include Cancel Order Feature for the clients.
  • Add Catalog Settings to choose days for discount and trade of items as indicated by the administrator necessity.
  • Include Time Based Refund Policy setting for administrator.
  • Include Price Based Refund Policy setting for administrator.
  • The client can likewise trade request in less old request sum and left sum discounted to the client.
  • The client can choose discount strategy on time of item discounts like wallet discount and manual discount.

WooCommerce Refund & Exchange WC-Vendor Addon

This module solaces traders to sell their items from an all-new robotized stage, this also streamlines the procedure for Refund and Exchange.

This module additionally deals with the solicitation and other related data on discount and trade which was before controlled all by Admin. This consequently brought about lower purchasing by the client and proceeding onward to next merchant. By means of this module, a merchant can just toss out that circumstance and subsequently permit to deal with discount and trade demand effortlessly and furthermore award authorization to acknowledge or dismiss the client’s discount and trade demand.

Find out about this module: Click here

WooCommerce Refund and Exchange Dokan addon

This module for WooCommerce Refund and Exchange Dokan Addon causes the merchant to clearly think about which item is getting discounted and traded. This likewise causes a to modernize process for Refund and Exchange.

This expansion expands an all-new streamlined arrangement appropriate purchasing and selling of an item keeping regard with discount strategy and returns approach. This will calm the administrator from forcing discount and trade thoughts on the clients.

Find out about this module: Click here

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 or greater.
  • WooCommerce 2.3.0 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.5.5 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.



For Educational/Test Purpose Download:

Google Drive





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